Midwest Mountain

Snow-skiing in the midwest is rather uncommon, but a ski resort in Weston, Missouri has now had success for 30 years.

“We’re a public company,” Darin Pond, a Snow Creek employee, said. “ is part of Peak Resorts that owns 14 other resorts across the Midwest and Northeast.”

Snow Creek attracts many skiers from the Metro; 45 minutes North of Shawnee.

“As far as ski resorts go, we’re the only ski resort in the area,” Pond said. “The next closest one would be up in Iowa or St. Louis.”

For people who have never skied, the resort offers lessons from licensed ski and snowboard instructors.

“Every instructor is certified,” Pond said. “They have the same certification that a ski instructor in Colorado would go through.”

Community members lacking the desire to learn how to ski often take advantage of the tube park facilities provided by Snow Creek. This area of the resort is a five-lane 700 feet long slope costing a separate fee of $27.

The resort offers a variety of rates that vary depending on equipment rental, session, and age. They have three weekend sessions; a day period from 9a.m. to 9p.m., a night session ranging from 4 to 9p.m., and midnight which ends at 12a.m.

During the winter, the 300 foot skiing hill is covered with up to 15 feet of snow in some areas.

“We don’t even need snow from mother nature,” Pond said. “We have enough power to make all of our own with over 60 snowmaking guns and an average about 90 inches a year.”

Although the average temperature in Weston is higher than that of a resort in Colorado, the quality of snow is still superb at Snow Creek.

“You can’t tell the difference,” Pond said. “Just about every resort in Colorado now. The average snowfall in the Kansas City area is about 18 inches, so that is not enough at the base to ski or snowboard.”

The opening date this season is not yet finalized due to inclimate weather. Snow Creek will update their website and social media.Website