Northwest has its own Snapchat Filter


Photo by Jack Lynch

SMNW has introduced a new filter to the Snapchat world. The filter is faded orange with black type at the bottom of your picture. In addition, Snapchat has recently added a new feature: masks that will form and move with your face. Press down and hold your finger on a face to try out the snapchat masks. If you want to use two filters, press and hold down on your mask and swipe left/right for an additional filter.How do you make a snapchat filter?

  1. Create a 1080 by 1920 transparent pixel PNG
  2. Avoid using borders around entire filter
  3. Create a geofence for your filter using Snapchat’s map tool
  4. Click plus sign in upper righthand corner of screen to upload PNG
  5. Submit your design for Snapchat to see
  6. Expect an email from Snapchat for a confirmation that your filter will be used

Geofence- This is a tool that will create a virtual barrier of a specific location where your filter can be used. Once you create a geofence there is an option of receiving notifications when a device enters or leaves your area.