Football Mid-season Recap.


Photo by Bryce Rex

Cougars are looking to build some more momentum after difficult starting stretch.

The Cougar football team has had a tough start to the beginning of their season as they played three of the top five teams in the state in the first four weeks. Losing to Blue Valley, SM East and Lawrence and winning against SM North. The second half of the schedule looks easier than the first half and will give the team a chance to pick up more wins.

“The season has been better than our record shows,” quarterback Ron Kopp said. “We’ve played some tough teams and we’re getting better day to day.”

Going into the second half of the season the Cougars will need to fix some holes on defense and become a more consistent offensive team. They will need to able to stop the opponent’s running game from busting open the line and getting huge yard gains. Also they need to have a more balanced offensive attack.

“I think we will be just fine in the second half we hung with the best for the most part,” offensive and defensive lineman Cole Johnson said. “We have a lot of weapons we can utilize to our advantage against teams that aren’t as fundamentally sound going into the second half of the season.”

Though the Cougars have had some rough games this year, there still have been some bright spots.. Especially against a huge rival like SM North.

My favorite moment is really the entire night of the game against North,” Kopp said. “Beating a rival in the first home game with the new black uniforms was fun. The fans definitely enhance the menacing of that moment.”