How to: Homecoming

Suits and ties, dresses and corsages, homecoming is around the corner; here are tips to help you prepare:

Have you asked your date yet? Bought your corsage? Made your nail appointment? Homecoming is Oct. 10 and if you haven’t found a dress or made sure your suit still fits, scheduled your hair appointment or made dinner reservations, it’s time to get to work. Although there are many places to do all of this in Kansas City, these are some of the most popular with NW students.

Nail places (addresses above):

Expo Nails ($8-10 for regular polish, $20 for regular gel, $30 for acrylic nails)

Regal Nails in Walmart ($8-10 for regular polish, $20 for regular gel)

Lele Nails ($14 for a basic manicure, $20 for Lele’s manicure, $35 for gel manicure)  


Hair places (addresses above):

Shear Thing ($47 for special occasion hair or up-do, $24 for design or braid)

Regis Salon ($17 for cut and style, $42 for special occasion)

Great Clips ($14 for regular haircut, $25 for style, $45 special occasion)


Dinner places (addresses above):

Cheddar’s ($7-14 for a main dish)

The Macaroni Grill ($8-14 for a main dish)

Houlihan’s ($9-17 for a main dish)

Paulo and Bill’s ($8-25 for a main dish)

Blue Moose Bar and Grill ($6-9 for small plates, $10-20 for a main dish)

Grand Street Cafe ($5-15 for small plates, $19-38 for a main dish)


Dress places (addresses above):

Dillard’s ($30-200 for formal dresses)

Macy’s ($45-200 for formal dresses)

Nordstrom ($46-300 for formal dresses)

Nordstrom Rack ($20-200 for formal dresses)

Camille La Vie ($70-500 for formal dresses)

Windsor ($30-200 for formal dresses)