Foreign Affairs

In the upcoming summer of 2016, Modern World History teacher Brooke Moore will be taking a group of students abroad to four European countries. She and these students will be visiting England, France, Switzerland and Germany.

While Moore was in highschool, she took three international trips, visiting Canada, Trinidad, Tobago and China. Now during her first year teaching at Northwest, Moore asked to lead students on the trips she benefited from during her highschool years.

“Being on my first three international trips with school is what allowed me to see the value in these school-sponsored trips,” Moore said. “They made me appreciate the opportunity to get fully immersed in the many cultures around the world.”

For the trip to be possible, at least six students must sign up. Currently the cost of the trip is $3,660, but it could change depending on airfares. There is also a monthly payment plan, and there is even a way family members or friends can donate money online towards the student’s payment.

If interested in this trip, be sure to attend an informational meeting with more details next Tuesday at 6 p.m.