The Plaza

H&M – 440 W 47th st, KS MO – H&M is more of a new fashion selection, the clothes are different but not too different. The style of clothing is not the same style as something you would see in your day to day life. If you like to be different and not mainstream.

Urban Outfitters – 520 Nichols rd, KS MO –  Urban Outfitters has a different style of clothing. They don’t just sell clothes they sell records and record players as well. If you like clothes and music this is the store for you.

Sperry Top-Sider -425 Nichols Rd, KS MO – Sperry Top-Sider is a great place for people who love sperrys. From shoes to pants to shirts they have everything sperry.

Zoom – 300 Ward Pkwy, KS MO – Zoom toy store is the place to go and feel like a kid again, they have a bunch of toys from puzzles to board games.

IT’S SUGAR –445 W 75th St, KS Moit’s Sugar – Candy store is the place for anyone with a giant sweet tooth. If you like candy then this is the place for you.