Overland Park

Overland Park:

Oak Park Mall – Oak park Mall address: 11149 West 95th Street, Overland Park, KS 66214. Great variety of stores to shop at, from shoes and clothes, to places to eat and hangout such as the food court. The mall also includes a variety of places of entertainment for children, such as the carousel, centered in the middle of the mall, children’s play place, and zonkers arcade.

Carousel -Lot’s of people bring children to ride the carousel, adults are allowed to ride as well as long as they bring a child with them.

Disney store– Children cry and beg their parents to take them inside because they want to see something that they saw. Disney always has a bright and interesting look, from the outside the entrance has, toys, dresses, and a wide array of different souvenirs to buy.

Food Court-Wide variety of different foods to eat, place to hangout and relax if your legs are tired from walking around.

Barnes and Noble– If you want a quiet place to read or just find an interesting book, it has a wide range of different types of genres of books to choose from.

Foot locker– If you love shoes then foot locker will probably be an interesting place to go, although it is rather small it has many different types of shoes, including fashionable shoes for both women and men.

American Eagle Outfitters-This could be a store that may appeal to interest if you enjoy actual clothing brands.

On the Border Mexican grill – 11855 W. 95TH St, Overland Park, KS 6621. Always lots of customers inside, which create a happy atmosphere.“Friendly waiters and waitresses.” Can be very expensive, depending on what type of food you order. There is a mixture of different types of food to order from as well, such as tacos, enchiladas, rice and beans with a main course.

Academy Sports and Outdoors Oak Park Mall -9781 Quivira Rd, Overland Park, KS 66215. There are many different products to find in Academy sports and outdoors, if you want many to find sport, exercising, or hunting products, then Academy sports and outdoors would be a place to check out. The store divides the different types of equipment that are available, female and male exercising clothing is a also available for purchase, including equipment that is available for exercising at home. Or if you are more of an outdoors person they also have fishing equipment that is available to buy and hunting equipment, or if you are just looking for equipment to kick back and enjoy stake in the hot weather they also sell grills, and beach equipment.