AMC Studio 30 – 12075 south strang line road, Olathe, KS – Local mega movie theater that includes regular IMAX screening and Fork and Screen. It is located near a hub of restaurants just in case you don’t want fork and screening. Screens all major box office films.


Centerfield Shooting Range – 875 N Jan-Mar Ct, Olathe, KS – Perfect location for blowing off steam. Safe environment for gun-lovers, with great rates.


Double Nickel – 189 S. Rogers Rd. Olathe, KS –  Great local hangout with fantastic food and a great waitstaff. Is described as a “hidden gem” in Olathe by some.


Sadlers Indoor Racing – 325 N Mur-len, Olathe, KS – Arcade/Go Karting location that both for kids or for adults who are seeking some nostalgic fun. Also great place to place some pool.


Lake Olathe – 625 Lakeshore Dr. – Large lake located on the edge of Olathe at Lakeshore Dr. Consists of interesting rock formations, cave entrances, and cliff diving areas. It also has lovely playground/picnic areas located throughout the perimeter of the lake. Also very popular hiking/trail-walking location.


Cedar Lake – 15500 S. Lone Elm. Rd. – smaller than lake olathe but is just as beautiful. More open and flat lake that contrasts the forestry feel of Lake Olathe. It isn’t better than lake Olathe, it’s just different.


Downtown Olathe – Has very modern buildings but still captures a traditional look. Consists many cool statues and very nice picnic areas. Perfect for relaxing on a hot summer day.