REbeL Crosses the Finish Line

The 5th Annual Walk to REbeL concluded on at 2 p.m., May 9 , and was seen as a great success by many. The event attracted approximately 900 people, very close to REbeL’s goal of 1000 attendees. After the 3-mile walk was complete, attendees were able to visit a plethora of booths and attractions.

“There was a whole bunch of positivity going on. So many people said that it was a great start to their weekend,” senior representative Maddie Grimes said.

And so the group achieved its goal of this big event of the year. Most chapters at the Walk were from the Blue Valley School District, where REbeL began. The SMNW Chapter sees itself as a connection then to other SMSD schools, hoping to act as bridge to positivity and friendship between people, schools, and districts. Members of the Northwest chapter were acquainted with other members through the leadership meetings held for all schools.

As REbeL transitions to a new year, they have to find new leaders to replace the old. To this end, they will be meeting at Blackdog Coffeehouse on Friday, May 15, to interview those who applied for leadership positions. It remains yet unknown whether all leadership positions will be reassigned, or if some will transfer. In addition, REbeL has to find a new faculty sponsor, as current sponsor Beth Jantsch will be retiring at the end of this school year. This too remains undecided.

REbeL has had a strong first year as a club.