Administrations Prepares for the End of the Year

The year is coming to an end and the NW Administration is preparing for laptop collection and graduation.

“We’re feeling much more confident about the laptop process,” principal Lisa Gruman said. “We like the idea that seniors can turn in their laptops any time between seminar on Thursday and the end of the day on Friday.”

Freshman through juniors will turn in their laptops next Thursday, but there are a handful of students who will keep their laptops including those taking IB tests next week, students going to debate for nationals, and juniors working on their IB extended essays.

The graduating class for 2015 is slightly smaller than classes in the past.

“There were a few students who checked out too early, as well as some who are choosing not to walk or have extenuating circumstances,” Gruman said regarding graduation. “But we have a lot that were down to the wire who will be able to graduate, too.” The graduation ceremony will take place May 21 at the SM North District Stadium.

Reflecting on the school year, Gruman considers the technology integration a success.

“I think everyone did an absolutely tremendous job in this transition,” Gruman said. “Is there room for growth? Absolutely. We can always be helping people to become more comfortable with new and additional ideas on how to implement the technology.”

Aside from a few distractions like games and uneducational websites, the technology has been conducive of new growth for education.

“We’ve come so far from where we started in August,” Gruman said. “In education, it’s a joke that we don’t like change, but our staff has handled with expertise.”

Looking to next year, Gruman hopes to maintain the momentum that the technology and new programs helped to cultivate.

“I think what I’m excited about is continuing not only technology, but shaping the learning experiences for students,” Gruman said. “We want to get students to tackle problems that don’t have immediate solutions. Resilience is what makes the difference in being successful after high school.”

With graduation, there will be a lot to celebrate.

“Sending the next into the world reaffirms why we do what we do,” Gruman said.

Each graduation serves as a reminder and an influence to continue to improve the education as well as the school as a whole. Gruman is excited to execute meaningful and continuous change at Northwest, and it’s all because of the students.

“Every kid is a part of Northwest,” Gruman said. “We wouldn’t be the same school without every one of them.”