Up To Bat

The Varsity softball team made a comeback

towards the end of their season and looks forward to Regionals. 

+Cadie Elder

Varsity head coach Anthony Kinney is not concerned with how many wins his players have for the season, but how the players are working together.

“The girls overall have improved in working as a team,” Kinney said. “They have worked on their team chemistry which helps improve the mental part of the game.”

Their record for the season is 6-10. The Cougars started off a little shaky, but in  recent weeks they have dominated the field.

“We have gotten better with communication and that is what has helped us the most,” senior Megan Glenn said.

As the season comes to an end, Kinney said it is always hard to lose seniors because their positions must be filled for the upcoming year.

“Megan Glenn and I have been playing together since second grade so having that come to an end breaks my heart,” senior Jordan Cobler.The Final Countdown to Regionals 

The regional competition for the varsity softball team will be May 18 through May 22. The Cougars will have to win two games to continue onto the state competition, but in order to play the second game they must win the first.

“Regionals is a blast because it give these girls an opportunity to play at their highest level,” Kinney said.