Administration Prepares for the End of the Year

Now that testing season is well on its way, the administration is looking toward the end of the year and preparing for all that that entails.

“We have finalized the IB schedule and are getting ready to place those classes,” principal Lisa Gruman said. “ we will run the whole schedule for all of the students.”

Aside from schedules, the administration is working on organizing the re-collection of the student MacBooks. Although plans have not yet been finalized, the general outline has been decided.

“We’re trying to give students computers as long as possible while still giving us enough time to collect them,” Gruman said. “We’ll need to go in phases.” The first phase of the process is to have the TLCs and tech cadets create step-by-step instructions so that students can transfer all necessary documents onto Google drive or the Cloud. That way, students will not lose access to any of their files. Next, the devices will be collected either before, during, or directly after finals. “We may start collecting seniors’ devices the Thursday before seminar,” Gruman said. “But only if the senior has another device to use so that they will not be negatively impacted by the collection.”

The last safety drills of the school year are being performed. “We just had the tornado drill and we will have a lockdown and a fire drill,” Gruman said.

Spring sports are all in the middle of their seasons, teacher evaluations have been wrapped up, and the yearbooks are being printed for distribution. The administration is on track to finish out the year strong.