Second National Carry that Weight Day of Action

Last fall Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz began carrying around her dorm mattress everywhere she went in protest of how her school handled her case of sexual assault. Sulkowicz’s project made national news, spreading awareness of her story and her commitment to carry around the mattress either until her rapist was expelled or she graduated.

As her story was made public, so was her cause.

Last October students, faculty and staff on over 150 campuses, inspired by Sulkowicz’s project, held rallies in their first National Day of Action to support survivors of sexual abuse. Today there is a coalition of college students and activists from the organizations No Red Tape, Carrying the Weight Together and the United States Student Association working together under the name of Carry that Weight.

On April 13 they organized the second National Carry that Weight Day of Action. On that day, the organization asked people to join them in carrying mattresses and demanding better policies from the administration on their campuses.

If you want to be a part of the cause, you can visit their website and keep an eye out for their next National Carry that Weight Day of Action.