Recap of Poetry Slam: Day One

Principal Lisa Gruman walked on stage alongside associate principals Eddie LyDay, Tom Moss and Nancy Tynon to start off the 10th annual Poetry Slam, just as nervous as any high schooler who took the stage April 9.

“We were trying to get across that this generation does some pretty amazing things, and we just wanted people to know that,” Gruman said. “Sometimes it gets lost like, ‘Oh they don’t have a good work ethic, or they’re too busy with all their technology.’ Well, wait a minute; they are changing our world.”

LyDay said their poem represented every student at Northwest.

The administrative poem was followed by freshman Payton Bennett. Her poem titled, “For My Daughter,” got a 9.5 average score. Bennett reflected on her past and conveyed a message to her future daughter.

“It’s kind of nice being able to say, ‘Yeah, I did that. I overcame my fear of getting up in front of people, and I was able to share my experiences,’” Bennett said.

Even though most poems are performed alone, they do not have to be. Seniors Kyler Akagi and Danny Louvau performed together; it was the first duo to ever perform in the Poetry Slam.

“It a different dynamic of a performance,” Louvau said. “When you have another person up there it’s more personable.”

Senior Spencer Dang, who has been a finalist his past two years at Northwest, performed the final poem of the day.

“ is very unique, because you can’t feel that way anywhere else,” Dang said.

Rounds six through nine of the Poetry Slam, as well as the Finals, will continue Friday, Apr. 10.