The Annual Student Council Garage Sale has been canceled

The annual student council garage sale has been canceled. The garage sale started under Cougars Community Commitment with Ron Poplau. In 2009 a truck meant to take the unsold donations didn’t show, so CCC decided not to host another garage sale. Sarah Dent and Student Council took over. The five garage sales hosted since then have funded leadership camps for StuCo though that won’t happen this year.

“I had 10 years worth of email addresses. When we switched the computers those 10 years worth of email addresses aren’t accessible on my computer anymore. I have lost them all” Dent said.

The Indian Creek IT personnel gave her a way to get her contacts back though, by entering every one of her contacts by hand. The sheer amount of emails, hundreds of contacts per year, has prevented this from happening and stopping all talk of a garage sale. However, there are plans for a garage sale next year.