The annual Special Education dance has been cancelled

The Special Education dance, funded by Student Council, has been hosted at Northwest every year since 2008. However, because of time constraints and low attendance, it was canceled this year.

“With the way Easter is early and the way Prom this year,” StuCo sponsor Sarah Dent said. “There were very few weekends with all the other April events that we normally host in Student Council to get this event in April where it usually is. So it got bumped up to the last weekend of March. There is also a district Special Education dance that falls on Friday, the day before our dance.”

The district also held a SPED dance March 27, just a day before the NW dance would have been held. In addition, the number of Special Education students that attend barely escapes the single digits, and are often vastly outnumbered by Student Council representatives.

“The number of students that have been attending has been declining,” senior vice president Griffin Robinson said. “I think there is another dance that they were attending. We felt there wasn’t enough of a reward for the effort.”

Despite the cancellation of this year’s dance, StuCo is making tentative plans for a Special Education dance next year.

“We’re thinking about not cancelling it next year,” junior vice president Hallie Ingraham said. “We try to schedule around the special education calendar, so it kind of depends on how their calendar looks next year.”