Administration Prepares for Next Year

Things are setting down and transitioning into a smooth groove for the NW administration.

“Thankfully things have been calmer and quieter after break,” principal Lisa Gruman said. The administration is continuing with professional development and recently partnered with Trailridge Middle School to address the implementation of programs to make the transition from middle school to high school more fluid.

The administrators from both schools are looking at required standards and focusing on certain programs to fill those needs.

“Writing across curriculums is something that we’ve put more emphasis on,” Gruman said. “You can’t leave without developing a proficiency in writing and being able to craft that writing on demand.”

Staffing numbers have now been finalized and schedules are being run through the computer system to create the master schedule for the next school year. The testing season continues, with English Language Arts testing next week, a break week to account for the music state competition, Math testing the following week and Science testing to wrap up the season. After the standardized tests, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate tests will be taken.

The administration is constantly reaching out to gather information about how to improve the programs at Northwest. The Overland Park Leadership Group visited and toured the school to learn more about the specialized programs that are offered.

“We spent time showing the CAD area, art classes and journalism,” Gruman said. “We wanted to show them all of the classes that really teach a set of skills to be college and career ready.”

The professionals then met with the superintendent and provided the NW administration with feedback.

“One suggestion they have is that they are willing to volunteer at a designated time to stage mock interviews ,” Gruman said. “Certain skills in interviews are more effective than others, like answering questions for conciseness and clarity.”

Juniors will be attended a career fair April 2 to gather information that they can use to update their college and career readiness plans.

“The event is just to provide ideas and examples ,” Gruman said. “You don’t have to have it all figured out by 16.”

The administration is looking forward to continuing with professional development plans and continuing work on the master schedule, as well as coordinating events for graduation.

“It’s full court press until the end,” Gruman said.