AWOLNATION released their first album since their 2011 hit Megalithic Symphony. An album that included one of the most downloaded songs in history, “Sail”, is hard to follow up. AWOLNATION took a chance with “Run”, and comes up a little bit short.

The album follows a trend throughout, but it is not intended to be listened to in any particular order. The songs all seem to reflect a transition from self pity and uncertainty, to a care free and mindless mentality. AWOLNATION’s steady beat and almost hypnotic rhythm carry the listener through the song, but tend to drag on and leave the listener asking for more.

In songs like “Hollow Moon” and “Headrest For my Soul”, the fast-spitting and witty lyrics provide a much-needed depth lacking from the rest of the album. If you are listening to Run in the background you will not be disappointed. However, this album is not one to listen to for content and knock-your-socks-off vocals.

Run may not have any chart-topping hits; the Grammys may not feature AWOLNATION on stage; but “Run” is an ideal album for background music for any social event. Megalithic Symphony was a smash hit, and “Run” left some questions for the listener.Though as a whole, the album is not up to the lofty standards for AWOLNATION, there are a few tracks that the listeners will enjoy.

Best 3 Songs

  1. Headrest for My Soul
  2. Hollow Moon
  3. Windows

Worst 3 Songs

  1. Fat Face
  2. Run
  3. Jailbreak