REbeL wraps up Be You Week

REbeL’s first school-wide event, Be You week, ended this week.

“Be You week was stressful but fun,” co-president Rebecca Carroll said . These activities include Mirrorless Monday, complement cookies on Tuesday, Whiteboard Wednesday, and REbeL pledge signing on Thursday.

On Mirrorless Monday, members placed sticky notes on mirrors in the women’s restrooms on both floors. Users of the restrooms were greeted by positive messages such as “the mirror does not define you,” “You are enough right now as you are,” “You are somebody’s reason for smiling,” and more. Girls were also encouraged to wear little to no makeup, to make them comfortable in their skin.

“We want them to be able to say you are beautiful without a full face of makeup,” senior Maddie Grimes said.

On Tuesday, members of the club passed out complement cookies at lunch. The cookies were in bags that had messages similar to those on the sticky notes for Mirrorless Monday. The 380 or so cookies were made by REbeL members.

Whiteboard Wednesday, a mainstay of the REbeL club, was continued in Be You week. The turnout this week was much larger than previous weeks, a result of increased advertising and the push for positivity about body image.

On Thursday, people were encouraged during lunch to sign the REbeL pledge, which states,

“I REbeL against being told how to be.”

“I REbeL against being told how to look, how to think of my body, and how to feel in my own skin.”

“I REbeL against the idea that beauty and health are one-size-fits-all.”

“Instead, I choose a different path. I choose to see the beauty in myself and others in a new way.”

“And I vow to make my voice an agent of change in the dialogue that surrounds body image.”

“TODAY, I rebel because I choose to be ME!

REbeL members see the week as a big success.

“I think we encouraged more people this week to encourage positivity and acceptance of others, and more people will be inspired to spread positivity instead of negativity,” Grimes said.

Others are more reserved.

“I think the school responded okay, but I’m hoping we can get it to be a bigger deal in the future,” Carroll said.

Meetings continue to be held in room FL on every Friday after school, except on the last Friday of the month, when they are held in the morning.