Robotics Competes at Recycle Rush

Robotics is attending the Recycle Rush competition at Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, Mo., on March 12 through 14.

Recycle Rush, this year’s challenge, involves moving and stacking trash cans.

They have finished their robot with a week to spare, allowing for their drivers to have time to become more adept at driving it.

“As far as our practice goes and having the robot done early, I think it will go better for us than in years past,” robotics captain Courtney Hedrick said. “But it’s really hard to predict what other robots are like.”

Builders will be on hand for necessary repairs, while programmers come either to drive the vehicle or to change programming, if needed.

The first day will consist be practice matches. On Friday, the qualification rounds begin, and each robot is assigned a ranking.

Midway through Saturday, the final bracket of the top eight teams begins. At that point, it’s winner-take-all.