New Man on Campus

New Man on Campus

Freshman forward Brady Skeens is starting some games this year at Washburn University

 By Matthew Owens


Last season, Brady Skeens led the Cougars to the state basketball tournament and this season, he hopes to help his fellow Washburn Ichabods teammates win a NAIA championship as he transitions from being a high school player to playing at Washburn.

“It was nerve wracking at first,” freshman forward Skeens said. “After I got used to it, it was fun. I like being able to play a lot.”

Skeens started the season playing three exhibition games in some of the most premier venues in college sports like Allen Fieldhouse, Lloyd Noble Center and Bramlage Coliseum.

“It was incredible and an experience that I will never forget,” Skeens said. “It’s awesome to play around people I know and in such a big gym. This is a place I wanted to play in my whole life so it was dream come true.”

Skeens has made the transition from being a starter in high school to starting games for Washburn.

“I like it a lot,” Skeens said. “It’s a lot different than playing in high school. It’s more physical and competitive and it’s more likely to change the game type.”

Skeens didn’t begin the year starting as he was redshirted but due do to a couple of injuries his red shirt has been pulled off and he is playing good minutes.

“I was kind of nervous at first because I didn’t think I was ready to play yet,” Skeens said. “After I got the hang of it and started playing with some of the guys more it got easier so I was excited.”

Head Washburn Basketball Coach Bob Chipman enjoys watching him play on the court.

“He has been a huge plus for us,” Chipman said. ”He is probably one of the smartest players we have. He has a great feel of the game and has tremendous potential. He is only a freshman but he plays almost the entire game, great defender really good offensive guy who can not only shoot the ball but he can score around the basket and he can pass the ball. He has a really great feel of basketball on both ends.”

The upperclassmen enjoy playing with him on the court while he plays as the big guy down low.

“I love playing with B,” senior forward Alex North said. “He is very unselfish as a big, but he can score around the basket as well, and it has been a blast playing with him.”

Algie Key and Alex North have seen some of his leadership qualities this season.

“Brady is a team leader,” senior guard Algie Key said. “Even know he is a freshman, he still leads in areas to help the team. Brady always brings a good vibe and energy to the team. I love his character and he is probably the most funny guy on the team.”

Coach Bob Chipman sees the  skills and qualities that Brady can develop when he is a senior.

“His potential is unlimited,” Chipman said. “He has just scratched the surface of his potential. He is still growing and the stronger he gets the sky’s the limit on his potential.”

Skeens enjoys playing in all game and he also enjoyed going to Hawaii with the team.

“The Central Oklahoma game was one of the best games of the year,” Skeens said. ”As a team probably the best part of the year was going to Hawaii. Being able to play down there just because it is beautiful and we got to spend a lot of time down there.”

Skeens still remembers playing for the Cougars and his favorite moment of last season.

“The best part of my senior year was helping my team to the state tournament,” Skeens said. “Playing in it was amazing.”



Stats as of feb 24


Stats GP GS Avg Points Per Game FG FG% FT FT% Def REB OFF Reb BLK STL
Brady Skeens 13 4 2.6 12 .632 10 .435 19 9 12 4