April Fools’ Day Ideas

April Fools’ Day is quite possibly the best day of the year for class clowns and petty prankers. It gives the perfect excuse to scare a friend or family member or make a complete fool out of oneself without terrible repercussion. Besides the classic tricks, there are a multitude of creative, simple ways to get at others. Here are a few quick and easy April Fools’ Day shenanigans to lay on your friends and family. For the purpose of this article, they will be referred to as “victims.”


  1. Unexpected Shower

Place a rubber band around the trigger of a kitchen sink spray-head so that it is in the pressed in position. Ensure that the nozzle is pointed outward. Convince your victim to turn on the sink in any way possible. Water will spray all over them and they will have only you to thank.


  1. Mayo Oreo

For this quick prank, you will need Oreos and mayonnaise, or any other preferred substance that resembles the icing center of an Oreo. Simply open the Oreo, remove the icing and spread your mayonnaise on one of the cookies. Close it up and serve it to your victim. They might think that they are trying out the newest Oreo flavor, but they will soon realize that the icing tastes more like a sandwich spread than it does a sugary treat and will not be so amused.


  1. Cheesy Orange

Know someone who is addicted to orange juice? Take their usual orange juice container, empty it of orange juice and pour one packet of powder cheese from boxed macaroni and cheese. Fill the container up with water and give it a good mix. It should look just like orange juice. When the victim goes for a refreshing glass of citrusy goodness, they will be taken aback by a mouthful of fake cheese. Yum.


  1. Condiment Cocktail

Place a straw in a condiment packet and then put the straw and attached packet into a canned drink or cup from a restaurant. This way, when the victim goes to take a sip, they won’t taste their drink, but rather what they would usually taste on their hamburger.

If you are afraid this is too mean, try this harmless trick on your soda lover: twist the tabs on all of their canned drinks backwards. They won’t be able to open them, and it will drive them nuts.


  1. Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even a Mouse

Perhaps the easiest April Fools’ Day trick, as well as the most frustrating for your victim, is to cover the sensor on the bottom of their mouse. When they go to click on something, they will become quite frustrated that the mouse is not working.


  1. Keep it Classic

Though these ideas are fun and simple, there are so many timeless pranks to pull on your victims. Jump out at them from behind their car when they aren’t expecting it, squirt disappearing ink on their favorite shirt, put hundreds of rubber bands around your victim’s phone and then watch them struggle when you give them a call. Just be sure to keep your pranks fun and friendly. It is fun to pull small pranks on your friends and family, but sticking to some  boundaries is crucial. Happy fooling!