Imagine Dragons’ New Album Smoke + Mirrors

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Imagine Dragons’ sophomore album, Smoke + Mirrors, did not disappoint. The band’s sound changed some, making sure to keep their listeners interested, but did not change enough to let down their audience.

Hits like “Radioactive” and “Demons” from their first album, Night Visions, had a heavier sound, while “On Top of the World” was more upbeat and fun. In Smoke + Mirrors they manage to use both of those sounds, while still adding several new elements.

The second track on the album, “Gold” adds a Latin influence to the more dramatic, techno sound previously heard in Night Visions. The single “I Bet My Life,” which was released last October, incorporates the more upbeat sound also found in their previous album, but adds a sound a little more folk and a little less techno.

Both “Dream” and “Trouble” switch back and forth between a heavy beat, piano and guitar pieces, while “I’m So Sorry” is made up of heavy rock riffs.

My favorite thing about Smoke + Mirrors is that Imagine Dragons managed to keep their unique sound, while still doing producing something new and different for their audience. They included many strings instruments, adding a very interesting contrast with the heavier pieces. Many songs also included a higher pitch; different from the low, heavy sounds of Night Visions.

If you have previously been a fan of Imagine Dragons, I would recommend this album for you. It adds a new, very fun aspect to an already loved band and a great sound.All the songs from Imagine Dragons’ sophomore album, Smoke + Mirrors, placed in order from my favorite to my least favorite