5 KC Restaurants for WPA

Courtesy of yelp.com

Courtesy of yelp.com

From Overland Park to Shawnee, we found some of the best restaurants for pre-WPA dining. Three staff members evaluated these five restaurants on food, pricing and overall experience. For each restaurant, the reviewers also voted for or against going to this restaurant. This is presented as a ratio of likes to dislikes.1. Houlihans: 4.5 Stars

Recommended Meal: Stuffed Chicken with herb cream cheese and buttered yellow mashed potatoes with asparagus. 3:0

Experience: Houlihan’s is a classy, comfortable restaurant with exceptional food and good service. Upon entering the dimly-lit restaurant we were greeted immediately by a host, and taken to a booth. Classical music played in the background and an electric candle flickered at the end of our table in a round glass. The waitress made sure to explain exactly what was in our dish and refilled our glasses without request. The chicken was flavorful and cooked perfectly. The manager also came by and asked how the meal was. The door was held as we exited. Of all of the restaurants on this list, this was by far our favorite. 3:0

Pricing: This single meal was $15, what wasn’t finished could be taken home in a box. 2:1

2. Paulo & Bill’s: 4 Stars

Recommended Meal: Pizza Classica (without mushrooms) 3:0

Experience: Paulo and Bill’s was an exquisite dining experience that even the pickiest of eaters would enjoy. We think this is one of best pizzas in Johnson County, and its not even their best dish. The decor blended with the food seamlessly, creating the perfect eating environment. The service was very quick and friendly. 3:0

Pricing: For this 10-piece pizza, our ticket was $15. If you’re starving, this could easily be finished, but a group of three to five could also share this. 3:0 3. Mongolian BBQ: 4 Stars

Recommended Meal: Our bowl consisted of a stir fry with steak, chicken, rib-eye, broccoli, potatoes and onions with teriyaki sauce. 3:0

Experience: Mongolian BBQ is not your typical restaurant. The cooks operate the grill in plain sight, showing the entire cooking process. The ingredients are fresh and customers have complete control over what is in their bowl. Our waiter was pleasant and made sure we knew how to pick our food and get it cooked. For picky eaters, vegetarians or meat lovers this is a perfect choice for a big group. 3:0

Pricing: The total of three bowls came to about $30. Each individual bowl was $10. This was reasonable for the amount of food we put into our bowls. 3:04. Jose Peppers: 2.5 Stars

Recommended Meal: Tequila Lime Chicken with a Cookie Monster Ice Cream Brownie dessert 2:1

Experience: Jose Peppers is not the most extravagant, but certainly a step up from Noodles & Company. It’s a warm, friendly, family-restaurant that provides good food at a low price. It wasn’t too crowded and the food came out in a reasonable time. Upbeat recent music played in the dining area and it wasn’t too loud. The chicken was average at most, but the dessert was pretty good. The warm brownie topped with cold, vanilla ice cream was a good combination, but one common of many restaurants such as Chili’s and Applebee’s. 2:1

Pricing: The total for two people (we split the dessert) is $24.27. 2:1

5. Noodles & Company: 1.5 Stars  

Recommended Meal: Wisconsin Mac & Cheese 2:1

Experience: Although the atmosphere isn’t the fanciest, the food and the cost could be worth bringing your own white table cloth, flameless candles and goblets for your soda (you’ll still have to pay for drinks). It would not only be a unique experience, but an inexpensive one. The line wasn’t long, so we didn’t have much time to think about our choice. Our order was taken quickly and we received our food almost as soon as we sat down. We were expecting noodles in a cheese sauce, which was not the case. Shredded cheddar was sprinkled on the noodles and hardly melted when we received it. We had to mix the cheese into the hot noodles to get it to melt. We weren’t impressed.The food was not the best, in comparison to the likes of Paulo & Bill’s and Houlihan’s. Although not a traditional pre-formal restaurant, Noodles & Company could be a new experience with a little creativity of your own. 3:0

Pricing: The total for a regular size bowl came to $5.79. Other more complex dishes such as the Penne Rosa and Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese are $8.49 for a regular size. The small size is a dollar less. Stick with the classics and you’ll have room for dessert later.  2:1Distance from Northwest:

Houlihans- 11851 W. 95th St. Overland Park, KS 66214 11 minutes

Noodles and CO.- 11339 95th St. Overland Park, KS 66214 10 minutes

Paulo and Bills- 16501 Midland Dr Shawnee, KS 66217 13 minutes

Jose Pepper’s- 16605 Midland Drive Shawnee, KS 66217 13 minutes

BD’s Mongolian Grill -Quivira 95 Shops 11836 West 95th Street Overland Park, KS 66214 9 minutes