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New Baseball Varsity Coach

HD: The New Man on the Hill

SH: Domenic Mussat will take over over the varsity baseball team this year.

Domenic Mussat will take over for Richard Kuzydym this season as the new head varsity baseball coach.

“I spent so much time here last 17 seasons,” Head Varsity Baseball Coach Domenic Mussat said. “I have been with these seniors for a while and helped to build this tradition. This program is something I want to end my career on at Shawnee Mission Northwest.”

He wants to see the very best from his players this year especially his returning lettermen.

“My goal for this year is probably the same as every other high school varsity coach: to win state.” Mussat said. “The expectations are going to stay high, we are going to expect the guys to play well and our ultimate goal would be to win state.”

The other baseball coaches like what coach Mussat is doing so far this offseason and hope that it will continue throughout the season.

“Coach Mussat brings a youthful vitality to the program,” Head JV coach Josiah Enyart said. “Kuzydym was a phenomenal coach, teacher and man, and has given so much to the program. Coach Mussat will be able to use those great traditions and amp them up with his high expectation energy. He’s already added a booster club and made pre-season weight training a big focus. He really wants to create a team bond early.”

Mussat is putting in the time and effort in the offseason to prepare the team for the upcoming season.

“They both seem to stick to the same fundamentals, but Mussat has taken a more hands on approach during the winter conditioning program.” Senior Outfielder Casey Kelly said” He’s trying to be more actively involved in the workouts which could easily transfer over to a new dynamic in the season.

With many of the players being on JV with him as the coach, it will be a smooth transition for the team to the new coach.

“It will be different simply because on JV you build a closer relationship with the coach.” senior right handed pitcher Brandon Gomer said. “All the seniors and juniors have a close relationship with Mussat and things will be a little more relaxed allowing all of us to not have to worry about impressing the new coach but getting down to business and working on winning games.”

Mussat wants the best out of each player on the field but off the field he especially wants them to become leaders in their communities.

“The leaders, team captains, have all got to be extremely positive role models.” Mussat said. “Being in highschool younger kids look up to the baseball athletics, they have to lead with their actions not just their words.”

Mussat believes that whatever the level of baseball is, the game stays the same.

“Baseball no matter where you are at, Fall ball, High School ball ,club ball who ever it is, baseball is baseball and the rules are the same. Mussat said” It’s the players who make the game special.”



Side Bar

Strangest Thing on a baseball field

“The strangest thing that happened was in about 1998 out at 3&2 field 7, I was standing their hearing a cracking sound and I happened to look over and a light pole was cracking and actually broke and fell on the field during one of ours games against St Thomas Aquinas.”


Best Pre Game ritual

“Back in the late 90’s I showed up to a game late and my shoes were untied and one guy thought that was an omen that I should always come with my shoes untied. And now I don’t tie my shoes until I get into the dugout.”


Other Pre game rituals

“I tried many things, wearing the same socks if they were lucky, wearing a specific hat before it started and I even tried foods, that I thought would help me out. Whatever I thought would help me out I tried.


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New Baseball Varsity Coach