Girl Effect and REbeL

These two clubs at Northwest are complex, so here are some facts to help you understand them.

Girl Effect Goals

According to the Girl Effect International Organization, there are five goals that they aim to achieve:

  • Goal One: Education
    • Ensure all girls transition to and complete secondary education
    • Ensure all girls achieve recognized and measurable learning standards.
    • Eliminate all forms of harassment from schools worldwide.
  • Goal Two: Health
    • Reduce number of girls who become pregnant before age 18 by 2030. Currently, nearly 13 million adolescent girls give birth in developing countries.
    • Provide necessary access to youth-friendly health services.
    • Put an end to harmful traditional practices.
  • Goal Three: Safety
    • Prevent and eliminate all forms of violence against girls.
    • Ensure all states have mechanisms to report and sexual violence against adolescent girls.
    • Stop trafficking and exploitation of young girls through law enforcement.
  • Goal Four: Economic Security
    • Increase girls’ savings and access to financial services by 50% by 2030.
    • Ensure all girls have the opportunity to become financially literate.
    • Reform laws so girls can open bank accounts and have equal rights to secure land tenure.
  • Goal Five: Citizenship
    • Eliminate child marriage globally by 2030
    • Ensure all girls have access to free and universal legal identity.
    • Collect and disaggregate data collect by age and sex.
    • Ensure that all girls have a say in important decisions that will affect their lives personally.

REbeL vocabulary

REbeL uses a lot of terms that are specific to the organization. Here are there definitions:

  • Action Plan: A plan formulated at the end of each meeting that centers around that week’s lesson. This plan is how the members of REbeL can educate their peers about the week’s lesson.
  • Peer Educator: A member of REbeL who educates themselves on a topic and thus educates their peers and encourages them to promote positivity.
  • Whiteboard Wednesday: One Wednesday each month where students can write one thing they love about their personality or appearance on a whiteboard at the station set up in the mall. Participants in Whiteboard Wednesday are encouraged to post a picture of themselves holding their whiteboards on social media with the hashtag #whiteboardwednesday.
  • Compliment Cookies: Compliment Cookies are cookies placed in a bag with an encouraging label made by the members of REbeL. These cookies will be handed out for free in the mall during lunch at soon to be determined dates.
  • Walk to REbel: The Walk to REbel is a three mile walk starting at Blue Valley Northwest High School held on May 9th. The walk is for all REbeL members and includes many different activities to inspire people to start their own “REbeLution.”