Bond Passes Bringing Change to Northwest


“The bond was passed by a tremendous margin,” principal Lisa Gruman said. “That’s excellent.”

As of last night, the LOB was approved and the bond passed, meaning, among other things, that the district will begin to implement increases to security and general improvements to school buildings. The changes will begin this summer, starting with the reconstruction of the entrances and repairs to the building.

“The district has a employee who oversees all bond issues, and then another who oversees the technical issues and building aspects,” Gruman said. “My job is to put in requests about little things like orange signage and things. I’m really grateful to be able to give unpit as a part of the process, even if it’s just a small part.”

Aside from the new improvements, the administration is looking forward to determining staffing and schedules for the coming year and working with other schools across the Midwest to encourage student success.

“As a district we’ve been working on some core work for making learning more relevant,” Gruman said when asked about their short-term plans. “Then we will be adding rigor to the courses.”

Based on input from other teachers here at Northwest and various administrators across the district, the goal for the coming years is to develop curriculum that is more engaging and rewarding for students.

” authentic learning experiences wherein you’re learning a lot and creating a product at the end,” Gruman said. “Not all will create a project, but it will be more about working towards a common goal rather than taking things in and spitting them out.”