Education Budget Reduction’s Impact on SM School District

Governor Brownback calls for a 1.5 percent reduction in the state’s allotment of general state aid.

Based on initial estimates from the Kansas State Department of Education, this budget action will reduce base state aid per student from the current $3,852 to $3,810.50. The impact on the SM School District is predicted to be a reduction of $1.4 million in general state aid.

“Reductions in funding to the current budget offer challenges due to contractual and purchasing commitments that are already in place,” superintendent Jim Hinson said.

The district will address the reductions in state aid through reserve funding.

“Our focus remains on providing outstanding educational services for our students to prepare them for the future and meet the expectations of our community,”  Hinson said. ” announcement is unfortunate, but will not deter our mission.”

The district will continue to follow the legislative session to monitor additional bills that could impact current or future year’s funding.