Hope Medis: Black Dog Coffeehouse performer

“I don’t really know how to describe it,” sophomore Black Dog Coffeehouse performer Hope Medis said. “I just get up on stage and perform because it’s where I feel happiest.”

Medis auditioned for Black Dog owner Carole Matsch in August of 2014 and has performed at their Saturday performance nights several times since. She had been looking for a place to perform her music, and Black Dog was available and looking for eager performers.

“We don’t sell alcohol, so we encourage young people to come on Saturday nights, especially when we have performances,” Matsch said. “It’s safe, and that’s important nowadays.”

Medis and other performers bring their unique music styles for Black Dog customers to enjoy. More information regarding upcoming performances can be found at Black Dog Coffeehouse or at http://www.bdcoffeehouse.com/events/.