Rolling Along

 Rolling Along

 The young bowling team has found success this year.

By Matthew Owens


The Cougar Bowling Team is making strides in the Sunflower League this year even though the team has a majority of underclassman on it.

“Its really fun being on the team, especially as a freshman on varsity,” freshman Alaina Burris said. “It’s a great experience bowling with other people that share the same interest as I have.”

The team travelled to Wichita at for the first tournament of the season, the Bishop Carroll Baker Invitational on January 10.

“Wichita is a fun yet overwhelming experience because there are a lot of good teams that go” senior Shelby Russell said.

The first win of the year came when the girls had a clean sweep at Turner High School. Both the girls varsity and JV teams won their events beating Turner, BV Northwest and BV Southwest.  The JV boys beat Turner in the same meet at Ranch Bowling Alley.

“Our JV girls are rocking it and they are improving every single time they bowl,” JV coach Debra  Brewer said. “Our JV boys are doing fantastic, we have a young JV team and they’re going to be up and coming in the next couple of years.”

Senior Abbie Musson stood with other bowlers leading chants to motivate   the team.

“To get a strike is one of the best moments, all your teammates around stand up and cheer,” freshman Hadley Sayers said “It’s really great when you get a strike especially when you weren’t having your best game and you just opened up a chance to save it.”

A few of the players enjoy playing the Baker Bowling Style the best. This is when multiple players bowl a game instead of one person bowling every frame.

“During Bakers tournaments, it is a lot better to get a strike because the entire team is clapping for you, fist bumping and high fiving you,” sophomore Liam Mays said.

Side by side, bowling teammates always give support throughout the whole tournament.

“It is a lot of fun and the group of kids are great,” freshman Jalen Pak said “Everyone is going from lane to lane giving support, it feels good to represent the team when you do well.”

Both coaches enjoy teaching the team how to be a better bowler and also how to be a better person.

“It’s fun to coach. It’s a whole different group of kids you work with day to day,” head varsity coach Marcus Fryatt said. “They are amazing at what they do, it is very impressive to myself and our assistant coach how much these students care, how much effort and time they put in.”

Coach Fryatt makes the team stay in his classroom after school on Friday to get homework done. He wants the team not only to be great on the lanes, but also succeed in the classroom.

“We are bound and determined,” Fryatt said, “to have the highest GPA of any of the activities in the school.”Stats of Mon Jan 26

Boys Team Stats-Team Pin Average for Boys- 152 Pins per Game

Name Average Total Pins Games Bowled High Game High Series
Josh Patrick 181 1088 6 215 563
Colton Kinsella 174 1047 6 208 592
Jalen Pak 169 1018 6 200 547
Colton Krie 168 1008 6 204 532
Kooper Jones 164 985 6 182 519

Girls Team Stats – Girls Team Pin Average- 128 Pins per Game

Name Average Score Total Pins Games Bowled High Game High Series
Alaina Burris 183 1101 6 217 570
Desi Jensen 165 993 6 197 538
Shelby Russell 146 881 6 214 500
Katy Doleshal 144 864 6 171 487
Abbie Munson 136 818 6 185 449