I Care Too

Feminism is associated with women, however, guys can play a role in it too. Male involvement is not at the level it needs to be in order for real change to occur. But why?

A few male Northwest students were asked what they thought of when they hear the word “feminism.” These are their responses.

Freshman Porter Volk: “Oh… its hard to answer that.”

Junior Colin Anthony “I don’t know. I don’t care”

Junior Zach Kahtava “Discrimination against females. Getting paid different, and not equal job opportunity. Not being fair and equal.

Junior Zach Ziegenhorn “Women…. women…um women’s right?”

Freshman Jack Lammers “I would say…. ‘go make me a sandwich’. Stuff like that”

Junior Reed Thornburg “…..”

Junior Devin Conway “I just think of girls, acting crazy, because they want equal rights.”

Junior Peter Campbell “Equal rights. For everyone”

Sophomore Will Hauser  “Like… ‘get in the kitchen.’ Stuff like that.”