Steps to Help Prevent Human Trafficking

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These steps are provided to you on https://secure.enditmovement.comBut there are other things you can do to help end human trafficking.

  1. Create your own team of those against human trafficking.
  2. Recruit 27 of your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors to join you.
  3. Invite them each to give seven dollars, then build a team of their OWN.
  4. There is an option on the site to watch a video of the ripple effects that happens when you take action.

Other ideas:

1. Tweet a picture of a red “X”, the symbol for End It movement, on Feb. 27 to raise awareness about human trafficking.

2. Always use the “buddy system” when in downtown areas and never walk up to a car unless you know the person inside.

3. Inform your club or sport at school about this movement and have them draw a red “X” on their hand Feb. 27.