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Q & A with Lisa Gruman on new Security Measures

Can you give us the basics of the security?
“Right now, and they’re still working with different companies to develop the work, but you know how the two entrances, there’s a gap between the two sets of doors and there’s kind of that angle window, that will be pulled out so that gap’s a little wider between the two sets of doors and so like before school, after school that’ll be the same, the doors will be open and people will be coming and going as usual. But once the first hour bell rings, everything gets closed down except the one door on the east side and the west side. When they enter the east, the inner doors will all be locked and they’ll have to come in and check in the office. So there’ll be a new door, if you can imagine, in that brick in between the two sets where they will be routed into the office. From there they get a badge and go to the nurse or go to the attendance office or wherever they need to. West side will be similar except that little alcove where officer Sanchez was now, that part will be captured and utilized on that side so people check in with him.”

Officer Sanchez will have his own office?
“Yes, it will be a little station with monitors, to make sure doors are not propped open and if a student runs off we can alert their parents.”

Are we getting new cameras?
“They are upgrading our cameras, but in some places we can still use the existing equipment. But we will have them by the doors and key cards swipers for the teachers. We are currently unclear if we will have buzzers or not.”

Will there be an alarm that goes off if the doors are propped open too long?
“Our campus security officer will get a little notification on his monitors and he will have a camera on each door. So if a door is propped open he will be able to see it and send someone to close it.”

Do other high schools already have this security?
“The high schools are going to go in a phase.”

Is there a reason we are doing this now?

“I think it is a matter of financing it all. They did it in waves starting with the elementary schools.”

When will we get the results from the ballot?
“They are due at noon on Jan 27. But for most of the students that use the east and west entrances, nothing will be dramatically different. We will just be keeping things a little bit tighter so people are not walking in and around the building, or places they are not supposed to.”

How early will these changes be implemented?
“This summer.”

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Q & A with Lisa Gruman on new Security Measures