Orange Bowl


By Cory Purdom

Georgia Tech (10-3) will be facing Mississippi State (10-2) in the Orange Bowl. Mississippi State has a very strong run game. With Josh Robinson running for 1,128 yards in only 177 carries but only having 11 touchdowns. Even though Mississippi State lost to Ole Miss 31-17 it shows that Mississippi State will have stuff to work on before entering in the Orange Bowl against Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech’s quarterback Justin Thomas has made 50.9% of his passes which shows that Georgia Tech has a strong passing game. As well as their quarterback having more rushing yards than their own runningback shows that it’s a scrambling QB offense. Georgia Tech played Florida State in the ACC championship game suffering a loss 37-35. Even tho it was such a close game with Georgia Tech being 3rd in the nation in rushing yards they could not rush their way for the win. Defense wise both teams are very powerful and a rushing defense so it will be a defensive game.

Dee’s Corner 

Our inside KSHB sports reporter Dee Jackson ways in on the games and gives his pick In the Orange Bowl, Mississippi State gets another chance to show their talents to a national audience. At one point the College Football World was in love with the Bulldogs, but they were exposed by Alabama and Ole Miss. I covered Georgia Tech quarterback Justin Thomas in high school. He was the real deal then, and has only gotten even more dangerous and explosive leading the Yellow Jackets this year. The SEC is the more dominate conference with the tougher schedule, I have to go with GT on this one.


Corey Purdom:

Georgia Tech will beat Mississippi State 34-21.

Matthew Owens:

Georgia Tech hung with Florida State for most of the game. I love Mississippi State’s team this year, their players stories are incredible but the Georgia Tech triple option offense will confuse any defense. If Mississippi State can stop it, then they will win. I think they do stop it but it will be in the third or fourth quarter. Dak Prescot will make the right throws at the right times and help lead his team to victory. Mississippi State wins 24-21.[polldaddy poll=8536064]