New Year’s Resolutions


Resolutions are different for each

person who makes them



New Years means a new start; it’s a chance to regroup and reset from the previous year. A good way to do this is setting resolutions which set a hopeful precedent for the future.

Maybe in the new year you want to lose a couple pounds, lend a helping hand to your community, or relax on the beach in the Caribbean.

“I think they are kind of a joke. Adults say they will lose weight and get healthy, but lets be honest. It doesn’t happen,” freshman Michael Filsinger said.

There are many different types of resolutions. Some people want to train harder for a sport.

Last year Dylan Dirks made the resolution of playing varsity basketball during his next year as a sophomore. He worked hard at it, he went to the gym as often as he could, and he drank tons of protein shakes.

It is certainly true that if you know pain, you know gain. Dylan Dirks completed his task of becoming a varsity basketball player. He is now a starter with a very promising future because he had the drive to work at it and be successful.

Whatever your resolution is, it’s not going to be easy to accomplish. Perseverance is key to make it all worth it. Keep in mind that you have your own style and your resolution should benefit you.