Back to School



Back to school. The three words most students do not want to hear after Christmas break. It means new classes, meeting new people, and for seniors, it’s just that much closer to graduation. This upcoming semester is the perfect opportunity to catch up, and get a head start. Here’s what you need to be prepared for second semester.

“Don’t forget everything you learned first semester, get lots of sleep and start fresh,” speech teacher Ken King said. “Realize that you have to participate the whole nine months like you would in a game for 60 minutes.”

Students will experience the dreaded return to their school routine. Sleeping in until noon, and staying up all night over break have become the norm. There are apps available to help you get organized. Simplemind, a productivity app, and others like it, can be found in Google Play and the App Store.

Students often forget what they learned and stress over the eventual beginning of second semester, but it is important to relax over the break. “Make Christmas break last as long it can for you,” junior Isaac Johnson said. “Because when you come back, you gotta buckle down; you gotta get to work.”

“Don’t let Winter Break throw you off,” freshman Jared Berlin said. “I know some teachers will end up assigning you things over break, which is probably one of the worst things a teacher can do.” Berlin says that students need to keep up with their work over the break, if necessary.

Freshman Will Gross disagrees.

“My advice is completely discard Jared Berlin’s advice, and focus on relaxing,” Gross said. “Do not worry about any school work over Winter Break.”

Winter Break is the perfect time to start again. Whether you want to try something new, upgrade some of those letters on Skyward, or begin what may be your last semester in high school. Winter Break is a time to cool down with the weather, but be sure to maintain your focus to set yourself up for success in what is yet to come.