On fire


Students clad in orange and black from head to toe filled the gym with sound for the bonfire, the annual celebration of fall sports and activities on Sept. 3.

“It is exciting and heartwarming to see how spirited our school is in all shapes and forms,” senior Will Greenhaw said.As a part of the bonfire tradition, each class performed a skit, with the ultimate goal being to make their peers laugh. The first three skits set the bar high for the senior class. High points: freshman Reed Bowlker stormed around the court lip-syncing “One Time” by Justin Bieber, touching hands of students in the front row. Sophomore Luke Schnefke jumped on the shoulders of sophomore Grant Pittrich, in a maneuver they call the “butterfly”. Junior males took a shot at the ‘Carhartt Crew’ in their skit, dancing to “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus, Sonic cups in hand.

And then came the seniors. At one point, four seniors carried a body, covered up by a blanket, out on a stretcher. All of a sudden, senior Terrance Trice jumped from the stretcher as a resurrect Michael Jackson dancing to   to “Billie Jean.” Trice had stolen the show and won the Spirit Stick for the senior class.

Head football coach Aaron Barnett took the microphone to talk about the upcoming football season.

“I really hope our football team can play better than they can dance,” Barnett joked. “But if they play as well as Terrance danced tonight…”

After a two-year absence of an actual fire, Students were surprised to see roaring flames cover the field behind the school. As students gathered around the flames a long absent sense of togetherness could be felt among the students. There was no more competition between classes; only students hungry for the following night’s opening football game.

“This means the start to my final season,” senior football player Nick Caldwell said. “This is the one. This has to be the biggest, best football season this school has ever seen.”