Dance of the Decades


Juniors and seniors spend time with friends and parents in the Cafeteria Nov. 9 at the Mother Son Father Daughter Dance


The Cafeteria was filled with poodle skirts, leather jackets and peace signs as students and parents participated in the throwback theme for the Mother Son Father Daughter Dance hosted by Student Counsel.

“I really enjoyed the dance,” senior Natalie Zimmerman said. “I enjoyed it because it is my senior year and it is the last time I get to go dance with my dad at a dance before I go off to college.”

While there was a five dollar entrance fee at the door, StuCo also asked all participants to donate canned foods for the Johnson County Christmas Bureau. Approximately 160 cans were donated and $600 were raised.

“Weather it falls the weekend before the canned food drive or the weekend after, it is just a great event to associate with the canned food drive,” StuCo sponsor Sarah Dent said. “It is just another way for us raise cans and cash outside of the 5th hour competition. It’s just another way to highlight the Johnson County Christmas Bureau.”

Although there were only 100 participants, next year StuCo hopes to pull in a bigger crowd.

“This is a really fun dance,” Dent said. “I don’t think students necessarily think about the Mother Son Father Daughter Dance as a really fun night. Everybody that comes parents and students just have a blast. I wish from year to year we could pull in a greater attendance because it is so much fun.”

Photos by: Carleigh Whitman