CCC Executive Board Hosts First Semester Cappuccino Day


The Cougar Community Commitment Executive Board hosted cappuccino day today to raise money for food and other necessities to benefit families in need around the Kansas City area. In total, cappuccino day raised $1927.83. Of that amount, $1553.76 was raised from food alone, $34.07 from donations, and $340 from t-shirt sales.

“It was a complete success,” said sponsor Ron Poplau. “It went absolutely perfectly and I am so thankful for all the support from Northwest.”

Cappuccinos, hot chocolate, “half-and-halfs,” lemonades and cookies were each sold for $1 in the mall from the start of the school day until the end of fourth hour. CCC t-shirts were also sold for $10 and general donations were accepted.

“All I can think about are all the families that will be helped from the dedication of and the generosity from the students and teachers,” said Poplau.

Next semester, CCC will host the second cappuccino day. T-shirts are still available in room 208 for $10, and you do not need to be a part of CCC to purchase one. Next year’s executive board will be chosen at the start of second semester, and those juniors will aid the current board members in hosting the last cappuccino day of the year.