Lazy Day Attire


We all have those days, when putting on a nice outfit seems completely out of the question. You got two hours of sleep. You woke up at 5 a.m. to finish up that math review and on top of all of that, you woke up to find the changing of the seasons have decided to make 50 degrees feel like 2 degrees. Here are my tips on looking somewhat presentable when you are low on time and motivation.

1.) Throw on jeans and a t-shirt.

This combination with your favorite, most comfortable pair of shoes, is always in style. It’s comfortable, cute, and takes less than three seconds to pick out and put on. Spice it up with a bold necklace or earrings if you want to look a bit nicer. But no one can argue with the comfort behind a pair of cuffed jeans and the world’s softest t-shirt. 

2.)Running shorts or leggings and a t-shirt.

No one looks bad in a pair of running shorts or leggings and that t-shirt from last May’s 5k. There is no shame in being extremely comfortable while tricking people into thinking you are athletic all though you just finished a bag of potato chips followed by a long nap. Plus, if you are feeling extremely lazy, you can put this ensemble on the night before and wake up completely ready for a long day at school.

3.) Whatever you do, pajamas are a huge NO.

Not only are these against school policy, but wearing pajamas to school is guaranteed, by my vast life experience, to make you feel precisely 543865 times more tired and disgusting than you would if you just took the three seconds it takes to slip on some respectable jeans and a sweatshirt.

4.) Reread number 3.

5.) Blankets

Buy a jacket.

6.)Harem Pants/ Joggers

Nicer than sweatpants, but extremely comfortable; these pants are perfect. They are actually pretty trendy today as well. So dont feel bad about wearing sweatpants and wear these fashionable pants.

7.) Who are you trying to impress?

Everyone has those days. You aren’t the only one who feels like a sack of potatoes sometimes. So, stop worrying about your appearance and do what makes you feel good. It’s okay to dress up in your nicest outfit and get all gussied up if that makes you feel amazing, but that’s not to say it isn’t okay take a step back every once in a while and wear the most comfortable outfit in your closet. Those people who judge you for being lazy every once in awhile have simply forgotten what it feels like to study until the crack of dawn or have a rough week. Trust me, there are worse things in life than not being able to walk the “runways,” in other words halls, in your new designer dress and heels. So wear what you want, and don’t worry about other people. As long as you accomplish what you need to do, make it to your destination on time, and feel as comfortable as you want, you’ve done your job.