More Stress than Fun


We all know that homecoming is on its way. But, I don’t get what the big deal about it is. Every year, people start asking one another to go to the dance earlier and earlier, and every year, the dance becomes more stressful.

I swear the first week of school I saw a freshman boy hand a freshman girl a teddy bear accompanied by a poster with a witty phrase asking her to homecoming. Seriously? Is anyone really that concerned about not having a date that they have to swipe up their pick within the first week of school?

Sure, it’s great to go to a dance with someone. It’s fun. Picking out an outfit that coordinates with the date’s, picking out where to eat and what group to go with; it’s all so “glamorous.” But, I really think the craziness surrounding homecoming is simply unnecessary.

Can’t a guy just go up to a girl and ask her to homecoming without making some huge presentation out of it? Why does everything have to be such a production?

So don’t stress out so much about homecoming. Didn’t get asked to the dance? Plan a movie night with friends instead. Drama about what group to go with and where to go for pictures and dinner? Try dinner for two for a change.

There is no reason to be fighting over or stressing over an event that is supposed to be purely fun. I think that going to a dance should be more fun than it is stressful, yet, in many cases, the stress of the situation eliminates the fun completely.