Fashion Pick of the Day: Flannel, Plain White T and Boots

This look incorporates many fall trends. Flannels have been around forever, but 2014 has been their year. Looking to add some flare to your t-shirt and jeans combo? Tie a flannel around your waist, and you are good to go. Plain white t-shirts are a recyclable wardrobe piece that make an easy transition from summer to fall. Ripped jeans and “boyfriend” or loose fitting, distressed jeans are also a way to go this fall. As for shoes, riding boots, combat boots, and ankle booties all add a touch of autumn to any outfit.

From: Forever XXI

Grommet Plaid Shirt $27.90

Boxy Hooded Pullover $14.90

Ripped & Frayed Boyfriend Jeans $39.80

Woven Cowboy Booties $22.99

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