Five Nights At Freddy’s


Five Nights At Freddy’s is an indie point-and-click survival horror title. The game centers around a pizza restraunt, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, where you (the player) must act as a security guard at night. You must defend yourself from animatronic animal characters by tracking their (the animatronic enemies)  movement through the facility using security cameras.

This is a very simplistic game, but is, or should I say was, the scariest I have ever played. For the first few nights (or rounds in the game), after the initial scares the game deteriorates into a very repetitive title. It is in my top ten list of scariest games I have ever played but it wears itself out after a while.On the other hand, this game did surprise me with its “less is more” dynamic, where a single moment of hesitation of “should I close that door now or not” can make the difference of an entire round. This game works on the foundation of you not knowing where the animatronics are at all times. It an amazing concept in which it plays off of your fear of losing them.

The enemies, or animatronics, they somewhat resemble ones that would be at a Chuck E Cheese’s. Could you imagine getting stalked by one of those, terrifying right? Their life plans are to dance and sing all day, then get you and stuff you into an animatronic at night. It is such a unique concept that has not been stretched yet.

FNAF masterfully leverages the knife-point balance between rational decision-making and panicky flailing. It feels almost unfair from the start, but once you play up to night four or five you will understand the layout. How everything works, how to manage power. It gets repetitive with little changing between nights. It is still an adventure for anyone who enjoys a good scare.