Poetry Slam Round #7

The first poet was freshman Alec Overman who discussed being born again. Next, Chandler Bado performed his poem called “Him” about his 2013 alumni brother, Kirk Bado. Following Bado, senior and LTAB member Hayley Nugent performed her poem inspired by the past year of her life and her struggle with depression. After Nugent, senior and return slammer Oseas Perez performed his poem which he entitled “That Girl.” Senior and return slammer Anthan Swearingen followed with his comical poem, writing deep poetry through Ramen noodles. To continue the senior slammers, senior Simrun Hundal performed her poem “I Have Won.” To end the first day of the poetry slam, junior Mary Claire Golubski performed her poem entitled “His, His.” The last round of the Poetry Slam day 1 ended with leaders (in order): Spencer Dang, Rebecca Carroll, Hayley Nugent, Sarah Godke, Zoe Ziegenhorn, Carolina Mach, Nate Compton, Amanda Rebori and Meghan McCluskey.