Poetry Slam Round #5

The first performer of round five was sophomore Colleen Freeman, who spoke of balancing chasing success with  seeking peace.

Next, senior Meghan McCluskey spoke her poem “Dancing with Disease”.

Sophomore, and first time participant, Rachel Barnes followed with her poem inspired by “life, love and typical teenage problems”.

Sophomore Grace Ladd preformed her poem “Beauty”.

Following Ladd, Iman Ghasempour preformed “The Mask you Wear”.

To continue, sophomore Luke Megli preformed his poem dedicated to his friend Briar.

To finish the round senior Katie Rose McKinley about her artwork.

At the end of the first four rounds, the leaders were (in order) Rebecca Carroll, Sarah Godke, Zoe Ziegenhorn, Nate Compton, Grace Freeman, Amanda Rebori, Ana Sokolenko, Chandler Voss, Miranda Paredes, and Megan Clark. For any who would like to see these poems, or watch live, here is the link: http://flash.smsd.org/?vidid=live