Meeting the New Bowling Coaches


Photo by Christa Stoll.

How did you become one of the bowling coaches?

Brewer: “We hang around each other in school and outside of school so he’s always talking about bowling. So when he left to go to East he said he needed an assistant bowling coach, Mrs. Kincaid, who was the assistant coach, she took on an IB class so she wanted to give it up. I was basically chosen at last minute and I agreed to take it on.”

Fryatt: “Last year after went to be an administrator at SM East he approached me and asked me if I wanted to coach bowling. I thought about it and decided it’s a great opportunity for me, and it helps out the school.”“I hope to see good sportsmanship. That’s what I’m hoping for I’m hoping to see the positive attitudes that I see in the classroom and the hard work that I see in the classroom in the bowling arena. I don’t think anything would upset me more than a kid who didn’t have sportsmanship.” – Debra Brewer

What got you interested it bowling? Have you had past experience?

Brewer: “I could make the team, I can bowl. I’ve been getting lessons ever since I found out I was going to be the assistant coach, so I’ll be fine.”

Fryatt: “Well, I played golf in high school, but bowling gives me an opportunity to get to know kids outside the classroom that I am really excited about.”


What do you hope to see happen this season? Goals?

Brewer: “I’m looking forward to taking on a new roll. It’s one thing to be a coach in the classroom and getting kids to do what I need them to do, but it’s an entirely different thing to be the coach of an athlete and I’ve done a lot of academic coaching in science olympia and other academic things but i’ve never been in a venue dealing with kids that have any athletic ability I’ve only worked with academic ability so I’m excited to see what kids have to offer in that different area.”

Fryatt: Well, the first goal will obviously be to have as much fun as possible. Secondly, we definitely want to make it to state. If we can do both of those we will have a very successful season.”