Getting In Tune


Guitar Club is More than just a Jam Session

Thursday, after school, in room 216, a small group of students made their way downstairs after picking up their guitars. People sometimes stared as they walked by and occasionally they would ask “Do you play guitar?”

The group eventually goes to the choir room, ready to get out their guitars, and began playing. As soon as they take out their guitars, Guitar Club May begin. Despite what some might think, Guitar Club isn’t an hour long “jam session.” It’s actually a time for growing, learning and hanging out with other people who have the same interest: playing guitar.

The club was started about three years ago by 2012 NW Graduate, Joshua Crocker.

“To me, the reason why I started guitar club was to show I am human.” Crocker said “I might not show emotions as much but through music I can let you hear what I feel and for others they might just share ideas.”

Junior Dillon Daubenspeck is now the president and has been going to Guitar Club since  it was founded and has seen people come and go. He has always been a part of the club and always helped people.

“My main goal is to make sure everybodys involved and to be able to have everything organized,” said Daubenspeck, “and not just to make something a minor club but a major club that a lot of people know about and people actually want to go to.”

Daubenspeck made it a point to make sure that the club is a fun, enjoyable environment where students can come share their ideas and maybe learn a bit of guitar as well. He’s also made sure that every week anyone who wants can have Dillon and/or Isaac Paulli to give them a mini guitar lesson.

“The first time I visited was a really good experience. I met some groovy kids and that’s one of the best things you’ll ever have if you actually want to learn how to play another Instrument. It’s cheaper and way better to learn with other fellas that will teach you.” Senior club member, Nick Smith said

At the beginning of year the club was packed approximately between 20 and 30 students. As the excitement slowly dies down, the members slowly dwindle to about 10 to 15. This is the core group; The group that shows up almost every week. Some of the core students joined this year.

Guitar Club is all about growing and building off each others’ ideas.If you look around the room, you’ll see students laughing, playing, and having fun.

“I did not think much of it till it started really growing” Said Crocker, “I was like wow I started something big.”

Written by Kylee Hartl and Luke Megli