From the Heart

During the fall blood drive organized by Student Council, students and teachers donated blood to the Community Blood Center

Junior Sam Sullivan looks at his arm while blood was being transported to the blood bag in the Main Gym on Nov. 5 When blood is being transfused, they are getting red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. “I felt fine, but I was scared,” Sullivan said. “I was going to feel bad at football practice. I was also relived because walking in, I saw people lay down towels on their heads and a girl was throwing up in a bucket.”

The fall blood drive drew 192 students and teachers to the gym Nov. 5 to donate to the Community Blood Center.

After registering, the donors waited while a Community Blood Center staff member measured their heart rates, temperature and blood iron level.

“It was an OK turnout,” blood drive co-chairman Colton Allen said. “We had 145 units of blood donated, but there were a lot of rejections, and we weren’t expecting all of those. But, fall as high because there are not many 17-year-olds.”

The 145 units fell short of the 170-pint goal the school set for the drive. Athletes are not allowed to donate on a day of competition or rigorous practice. With 37 deferrals and 20 donors unable to fill a pint, 57 donations were not counted.

“I felt guilty,” senior Hayley Nugent said. “I had this opportunity to really help some people and then wasn’t able to.”

To help meet the collection goal in the spring, Student Council is working with administrators to allow 16-year-old students to donate providing parental consent is given.

After collecting at least 5 vials of blood, the vials are taken back to the red cros testing center. About a dozen tests are performed on each vial to establish blood type and test for infectious diseases. ” it directly benefits our community,” blood drive coordinator, Tom Green said. “The blood is shipped to hospitals locally and used in 2-3 days.”
Observing his blood-splattered arm, senior Colton Allen gets his blood drawn at the blood drive on Nov. 5. THe blood drive benefits the Community Blood Center. “I feel bad for the people that are sick and need ,” Allen said. “I feel that if there is a way to help them I’m going to do it.”