Q&A With New Student Resource Officer


Student Resource Officer (SRO) David Reindl gazes at the computer. Reindl has been an SRO for NW since last week. “I enjoy working with students a lot,” Reindl said. “Especially the counseling part of it because it gives me an opportunity to get to know the students and help them.”

Student Resource Officer (SRO) David Reindl just started working at NW last week and has some things to share.

Q: How did you get to NW?
A: “I was in Overland Park and I was a resource officer there. I resigned there over the summer and took a different position for a finance company to try a different career path but that didn’t work. I wanted to come back to what I know,” Reindl said. “I came here. I have a lot of friends here that work in the district and I heard about the position here. It all worked out.”

Q: Why are you a Police Officer for the school system?
A: “I didn’t want to go back to a police department and have to work the streets, I’ve done enough of that. I found a school position and thats what I love doing,” Reindl said. “I love being a resource officer. With the school district i can do that and not worry about going back to work the streets.”

Q: What’s your biggest advice to high school students?
A: “Think about it before you act, because a lot of kids act impulsively and dont make the right decision and that gets them in trouble. If they thought for a split second before they acted, they would probably do the right thing,” Reindl said. “Some people just can’t do it, but most can. And listen to your parents. Thats a big thing. Some kids think they know it all.”