Until the Lights Go On

The Theater department never left the school unsatisfied of their performances, but the audience might not know the amount of effort they put in for each show. 

After the auditions for the fall musical,”Anything Goes”, the cast and crew dedicates time and hard work for the production. Every day they stay after school from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. But as the performance date gets closer, many of them do not leave the school until 9 p.m. Everyone has their responsibilities. The cast practiced their numbers and choreography, while the crew made the props, setup the lighting, and organized the set.

This musical takes place on an ocean liner, the S. S. American. Reno Sweeney is a former evangelist and now a nightclub singer on her way to England from New York. Her friend Billy Crocker falls in love with Hope Harcourt who is about to be married in England with her fiance, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. During this love triangle, Public Enemy #13 Moonface Martin and his sidekick Erma are in disguise avoiding the authorities. Sweeney then teams up with Martin to help Billy win Hope’s love.

Without theater teacher Kelli Rodgers, the school performances would not be possible.

“Her expertise and leadership off in the show,” senior Elizabeth Brooks said. “She expects high standard and professional quality because she demands that. She just really encourages us to be selfless performers and to always care about the show as a whole before our individual needs. It’s not an individual effort, but a group effort.”